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How do you get me this tour video?
Our pilots work directly with top agents and contractors to produce these videos. As such, we are only contacting people under consideration for the job. We fly miniature, battery-powered flying devices with cameras to create high quality immersive video tours.

How long do most listing take to film?
A typical tour for residential purposes is about half an hour to an hour. A typical commercial and business flight is between two and four.

How quickly do you send your videos?
Please allow us up to 2 business days for residential drone tours and 3-5 business days for commercial drone tours. 

Can your videos be uploaded across MLS and Realtors websites?
Absolutely!, Not only do we provide both branded and unbranded video files, but we also go beyond and customize the resolution, crop size, length and more according to the social media platform of your choice; we even provide a tutorial on how to upload videos on your own.

Where do you provide service?
We have pilots for both commercial and business tours nationwide and residential tour services in California. Our pilots are available worldwide - upon request. If you are interested in a service area we don't cover, we can probably help!

Do you fly drones outside?
We're specialists in both indoor and outdoor drones. Indoor flights are a great way to take your tours from ground level to an overview of the entire neighborhood and landscape.

How quickly can i get a flight booked?
You can usually schedule your commercial flight within a week. You can usually schedule your residential flight within a few days.

Do you have a way to get the videos to me?
You'll get a download link to the final video files. A branded video with your information, a non-branded video without any information, and host a private video link for use in the MLS.

How are Drone Tour Videos different than my current 3D tours?
All you have to do is press play and you'll be taken room by room through the property instead of clicking an arrow to move. Our custom mobile interface allows you to give your prospects a seamless experience as they move through the property and its features.

How will you handle revisions and its cost?
We provide a one-time revision of your tour in our residential tours, and two revisions of our business and commercial tours.

What fpv drones do you fly? 
We custom build drones that weigh <½ lbs and have enclosed propellers to ensure safe flights indoors and near objects.

Does it work on the MLS?
We provide you with a link so you can put it on the MLS as part of your listing when you book your tour with us.

Do you have insurance?
Our fleet is insured up to $5M and we carry certificates of insurance. Our pilots are FAA 107 certified.

How do I order a drone tour?
You can arrange your aerial drone tour at any time via our booking link: For residential tours, you can purchase and schedule online

Have you ever crashed?
If you're worried about safety, you should see our service as a reassuring option. We've had close to ten thousand flights with zero accidents. We are experienced professionals using special equipment, not regular amateur flyers.